Meet the Team

Sally Penni

Founder and Chair of Women in the Law.

Sally is a practicing Barrister and is Vice Chair of the Association of Women Barristers.

Solicitor Representitives

Charlotte Percy

Charlotte is a Solicitor at Slater & Gordon specialising in Family Law.

Rebecca Young

Rebecca is a Commercial Solicitor at Slater & Gordon.

Barrister Ambassadors & Champions

Laura Gould

Laura is a Employment Barrister at Kings Chambers, Manchester.

Stefanie Cochrane

Stefanie is a Personal Injury Barrister at Cobdan House Chambers, Manchester.

Rachel Cooper

Rachel is a  Criminal Law Barrister at Lincoln House Chambers, Manchester.

Lisa Ross

Lisa is the Events Co-ordinator and Membership Secretary.

Kirsty Speake

Kirsty is the Conference Co-ordinator & an Ambassador for Women in the Law UK.

Susan Chishame

Susan is the Northern Circuit Administrator and an Ambassador for Women in the Law UK.

Dinah Crystal, OBE

Dinah is a retired academic from Manchester University Law school and the Chair of Law Works.

Denise Nurse

Denise is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of London's Halebury solicitors.